Just Communities Staff

The Team

Caroline Isaacs

Executive Director

Caroline has worked for over 20 years advocating for just and effective criminal justice policy in Arizona. She is the author of several reports on the poor performance of private prison companies in Arizona, conditions in correctional facilities, and criminal justice policy and sentencing. 

Her work has been featured in The New York Times, Salon.com, The Appeal, Dan Rather Reports, In These Times, Al Jazeera America, The Huffington Post, and numerous state and local media outlets.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the College of Wooster and a Masters in Social Work from Arizona State University.

Jason Martinez

Finance / Operations Manager

Jason grew up in Albuquerque, NM, a city that has been home to his family for many generations. As a student at the University of New Mexico, he took a flamenco dance class and became entranced by this unique art form. He met his wife through flamenco and they toured together as part of a dance company. 

Jason holds a bachelor degree in Sociology and obtained his M.A. in Communication from Northern Arizona University. He produces the Between The Lines with Jason Martinez podcast promoting Tucson culture.

Enrique Olivares-Pelayo

ReFraming Justice Organizer

Enrique is excited to take on the challenge of changing Arizona’s criminal punishment system alongside the leaders of ReFraming Justice. Having served his time, he now seeks to serve others.

Enrique has experience in Harm Reduction for People Who Use Drugs, and is currently pursuing a double major at the University of Arizona.

rahul Jayaraman - policy and research manager - Just Communities AZ

Rahul Jayaraman

Policy and Research Manager

Rahul has worked in a variety of local organizations aiming to minimize inequality by increasing access to proven resources—whether that be housing assistance at the Arizona Bar Foundation or substance abuse treatment at the Pima County Justice Services.

He’s keenly aware of how our criminal justice system systematically disenfranchises particular segments of the population, and seeks to find community-driven solutions by which these inequities can be resolved.

Most recently, Rahul was a Flinn Scholar at the University of Arizona, where he earned an undergraduate dual-degree and a Master of Public Policy.