Report: Tucsonans want fixes for homelessness, affordable housing

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:Just Communities Arizona (JCA) has released the findings of an extensive, groundbreaking survey of more than 1,200 Tucsonans that make it clear they understand that real safety is much more than responding to crime. JCA’s Reimagining Community Safety Survey asked people from each of Tucson’s six wards for answers to a series of questions with a collective theme: How do we create greater safety in our communities?

Informe: Los Tucsonenses quieren soluciones para la falta de viviendas, viviendas asequibles

PARA PUBLICACIÓN INMEDIATA:Just Communities Arizona (JCA) ha publicado los resultados de una encuesta extensa e innovadora realizada a más de 1,200 tucsonenses que deja en claro que entienden que la seguridad real es mucho más que responder al crimen. La encuesta imaginando de nuevo la seguridad comunitaria de JCA pidió a personas de cada uno de los seis distritos de Tucson respuestas a una serie de preguntas con un tema compartido: ¿Cómo creamos mayor seguridad en nuestras comunidades?

Investigadores: Encuesta revela cómo los tucsonenses definen la ‘seguridad’

PARA PUBLICACIÓN INMEDIATA: Mientras luchan contra la falta de vivienda, los llamados a la rendición de cuentas de la policía y un polémico plan para construir una cárcel del condado más grande, los residentes de Tucson buscan soluciones en sus líderes electos. Pero una organización sin fines de lucro basada en datos sabe que la mejor fuente de soluciones a los mayores problemas de Tucson es la propia comunidad.

Help Build Community Safety in Tucson!

In July 2021, the American Friends Service Committee of Arizona (AFSC-AZ) was funded by the JRI Catalyst Grant Program to conduct a research study entitled Reimagining Community Safety (RCS), a Community Based Participatory Action Research project. The project is informed by the Barrio Centro Community Safety Participatory Project conducted in collaboration with the Flowers & Bullets collective in Tucson, Arizona. According to the Barrio Centro study, community safety refers to the ability to thrive together in sustainable ways that are culturally relevant and self-determined.

JCA Legislative Update: March 14, 2022

Last week, JCA signed a letter with more than two dozen partners trying to raise the alarm to law makers about the concerning bills and urging them to rethink our approach in Arizona. Arizona must stop the piecemeal approach to modifying criminal laws and look at system-wide solutions, including identifying innovative and effective policies that do not rely on systems of punishment but instead support communities and actually work to reduce crime. The letter called out bills that make mandatory minimum sentences or create new (often redundant) crimes.